Friday, July 30, 2010

Articles and Events of Interest

1. Study: Trucks underpay for Idaho's ailing roads. (Spokesman Review) Idaho motorists are paying more and more of the costs of maintaining the state's roads, while drivers of heavy trucks are paying less, according to a new state study - though the trucks are causing far more damage to the roads. Read more . . .

2. Trucks vs. Cars on pavement damagae. (Spokesman Review). . .one fully loaded axle on a big truck is equal to the pavement damage of 10,000 passenger cars. Task force members were stunned. . . Read more. . .

3. NWF representative says [Imperial Oil's] Kearl's [Module Transportation] project needs study like oil pipeline. (Missoulian) Read more. . .

4. An opportunity to talk to the Governor of Idaho about the proposed Conoco Phillips and Imperial Oil massive shipments on U.S. 12.
Gov. Butch Otter and ITD Transportation Director Brian Ness, among other state officials will be in Pierce from 9am-3pm on Wednesday, August 4th. It will be on of Otter's "Capitol for a Day" sessions, including a question and answer period. The location will be the Pierce Community Center, 105 W. Carle St. For more information go to:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


KLEW-TV the local news station in Lewiston, Idaho recently ran a poll on their website concerning the proposed Imperial Oil shipments on Highway 12.
They asked:

Do you favor ITD granting permits to Imperial Oil to transport 200 over-sized loads over U.S. 12?

The results:
336 total votes
116 (35%) voted in favor of permits being issued
220 (65%) voted againts permits being issued