Monday, March 17, 2014

March Megaload News

Recent Megaload News:

Thursday night Omega Morgan/GE megaload #3 was blocked on Reserve Street in Missoula, Montana by about 80 protesters.  To-date OM #3 has been trudging along for no fewer than 34 days.  
Missoula women arrested during megaload protest, Missoulian, 3/21/14
The women...joined members of Indian Peoples Action, Northern Rockies Rising Tide and the Blue Skies Campaign in...bringing the shipment to a stop for about 20 minutes...  Indian People's Action... released a statement saying, “We are standing in solidarity with our cousins of the Nez Perce tribe, the Umatilla, and the cousins to the north whose lives are being drastically affected by the destructive nature of the needless extraction of tar sands. This is leaving the land uninhabitable and our people with no place to go.”...  Read more.
Keystone XL in the News:

On April 22nd, a group of ranchers, farmers and tribal communities from along the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline route, called the Cowboy Indian Alliance, will ride into Washington DC...  On April 27th, thousands...will join them to stand together for a final message that the Keystone XL pipeline and the tar sands must be rejected...  See more and join the march here.

'Cowboy Indian Alliance' will ride to D.C. for 'Reject And Protect' Keystone XL Protest, Brianna Elliott, Huffington Post, 3/11/14...  

This rally gives a voice to the communities that would be most impacted by Keystone XL, and their message is clear -- to protect land, water and climate now and for future generations. The Keystone XL would cross several rivers and the Ogallala Aquifer, which would put wildlife, public water supplies and croplands in danger if a spill were to occur...  Activists have mounted increasing pressure on the Obama administration to reject the project, delivering over two million comments on March 7 following a series of mass arrests in front of the White House...  Read more.

Another firm that evaluated Keystone for State Department had ties to TransCanada, Huffington Post, 3/13/14...  The contractor that evaluated greenhouse gas emissions for the State Department's Keystone XL report is the latest company to come under fire for its ties to TransCanada, the prospective builder of the controversial pipeline...  Read more.