Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Big Rig Blog at the Missoulian

We Idahoans opposing the use of U.S.12 for Big Oil's mega-load transports have hundreds of friends in Montana opposing Big Oil's use of Montana's highways. At www.fightinggoliath.org and this companion blog we are giving you online access to well researched, detailed information relating to the transport projects planned for U.S. 12 in Idaho and about how the highway corridor and its rural people may be affected by the Big Oil transports.

Idahoans, Montanas and people across the nation are coming to recognize that the High and Wide Corridor issue spans state and international borders, involves ocean crossings, foreign resources and production interests, involves national politicians and state administrations, giant corporations and thousands of rural and, in Missoula, urban people. At the same time, people around the world are contemplating their interests and drawing lines of perspective on oil sands development already underway in Alberta, Canada - which is the destination of at least 207 of the mega-loads planned for transport on U.S. 12.

In light of the multi-faceted nature of these correlated matters and the increasing widespread attention being paid to them, Missoula, Montana's main newspaper, The Missoulian, has set up an online blog, the Big Rig Blog, as a 1-stop source of links to articles, information pieces, blog posts, and other messages that are coming in from all directions.

To take a look at this roundhouse of links, click here: http://missoulian.com/special-section/big_rigs/

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