Thursday, September 2, 2010

ITD Makes Connections Between ConocoPhillips and Imperial Oil/ExxonMobil

After claiming publicly and in their legal briefs that no connection existed between the planned shipments of megaloads by ConocoPhillips and those of Imperial Oil/ExxonMobil on U.S. 12, the Idaho Transportation Department has apparently now decided such a connection does exist. ITD had previously promised to post the comments and questions sent to them by the public concerning the proposed megaload shipments along with ITD/ExxonMobil's responses on a website by September 1st.
This week ITD's Adam Rush sent out a notice to all those who had made comments that the response is being "delayed until legal issues with the ConocoPhillips permits are further clarified"
ITD issued permits for ConocoPhillips oversize shipments that were rescinded by the Idaho District Court in Lewiston. ConocoPhillips immediately filed an appeal to the Idaho Supreme Court and ITD later followed suit.
How does the outcome of the court case affect the response to public comment by ExxonMobil? Are we to assume that ITD and ExxonMobil are trying to work outside of the existing framework of the law concerning the permits for their 200+ monster loads? Or is ExxonMobil simply continuing to keep the public ill-informed on the truth of what is going on with their partnership with ITD and what it means to the future of the Highway 12 corridor?

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