Friday, October 15, 2010

ExxonMobil plans long-term 'High and Wide' corridor through Pacific Northwest

The Natural Resources Defense Council recently undertook the task of translating Korean business documents related to the Imperial Oil/ExxonMobil modules. Yesterday, NRDC released the attached report: Exxon's Plans to Permanently Industrialize the Lolo Corridor; NRDC Survey of Korean Documents Substantiates Plans by Exxon to Create a New and Permanent Industrial Transportation Corridor in the Pacific Northwest. The report states:

...NRDC has surveyed a number of Korean business documents, Korean press reports, along with SJG’s Korean press releases in order to fully establish an accurate representation regarding the fiduciary relationship between Exxon and Sun Jin Geotec in relation to plans to ship further modules. After an extensive effort to translate a number of these critical Korean documents, NRDC has discovered convincing evidence that Exxon’s contract with SJG constitutes a far-reaching and long-term commitment between the two parties – totaling at least $1.5 billion US that will continue to the year 2020. In the absence of any expressed alternatives, this financial commitment is likely to represent thousands of modules, and consequently, thousands of oversized industrial shipments through the Pacific Northwest.

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